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About the Property

Over 8 Acres Located Off San Juan Road in Cupertino, CA

Inspiration Heights is among the last untouched hillsides primed for residential development in Silicon Valley. It remains a private, peaceful, beautiful escape with views that extend from the shoreline to downtown San Jose, beginning with a daily sunrise over Mt. Hamilton. Amazingly, Inspiration Heights is also approximately 5 minutes from downtown Cupertino, 10 minutes from Apple headquarters and the new Apple AC2 campus,17 minutes from Stanford University,and a 25 minute drive fromSan Jose International Airport.

The endless possibilities for private development include a home complex with the ability to build separate structures on each lot, plus a pool, spa and other recreational facilities. There is also room to build additional homes for visiting guests or family. Also consider the possibility of a small family vineyard, since a nearby hillside boasts the famous award winning winery, Ridge Vineyards.

Buyer is encouraged to investigate and verify zoning to determine potential development options. Due to the multiple parcels, Inspiration Heights is ideal for a home compound or a small subdivision. THE PROPERTY CURRENTLY HAS NO ENTITLEMENTS. BUYER MUST INVESTIGATE WHAT CAN BE BUILT WITH THE CITY.

The property is located off San Juan Rd off on Portola Road (currently a dirt road). Portola Road meets San Juan Road at 22740 San Juan Road, Cupertino, CA.


The Neighborhood

Inspiration Heights rests amongst the most lavish and exclusive properties in the country. Whether it be the most expensive single-family home purchased in the history of the United States or one of the many multi-million dollar residences, the area still manages to remain secluded — a shelter against the bustling streets below.

This natural haven, spanning eight pristine acres, has been remarkably guarded by the Bianchi family against innumerable development offers since 1968.

And yet, it remains a breathful escape, above the country’s most educated city:

  • A mere 25 minute drive to the private and corporate jets of San Jose International airport
  • 10 minutes from Apple’s world headquarters
  • 17 minutes from Stanford University, the premier Ivy League research institution.

But unlike the city, the ‘back door’ of Inspiration Heights opens up to sixty thousand acres of protected open space for riding and fresh air hiking.

In just a 4 minute drive (or 15 minute stroll) you’ll find yourself on the sweeter side of Silicon Valley — infinitely fresh and forever preserved.

Of course, Inspiration Heights would not be complete without 85 miles of trails and paths that meander and connect its many open preserves, spaces and residences.

From the 17-acre Fremont country club (15 minutes away for those who appreciate an equestrian lifestyle) to Picchetti Winery just 8 minutes away.

It’s increasingly rare to find a slice of serenity right above the heart of a bustling city, let alone the technological capital of the world.

With zoning laws forbidding commercial development, it’s perfectly poised to preserve an orderly and unhurried growth.

It’s no wonder why the town is listed by Forbes and the Wall Street Journal as one of the best and most extravagant places to live

As the dash for the next breakthrough in hi-tech rages on between companies such as Apple, Google and IBM in the valley below, it’s refreshing to know there are respectable things in life one can count on:

  • The climate here remains perfect (“highs” of 60 in the “winter”).
  • The East-facing hillside is greeted with the warmth of the sun each morning.
  • Inspiration Heights sits, forever peaceful above the rushed world below.

The Heritage

Unknown to the bustling technological center a stone’s throw away, rests an unexpected story, hidden in what’s now become the country’s 11th wealthiest city.

It’s almost incomprehensible how this secret of Silicon Valley has managed to remain untold for almost 50 years.

Above it all, it sits quietly protected against the unrelenting expansion of multinational tech powerhouses.

Its story dates back to 1776, when the town of Cupertino Valley was founded. Here, nestled in the heart of the relaxing countryside, the town’s warmth lay concealed from the world.

It was not until the agricultural boom of the 1940’s where its tranquility would be excitedly shared by word of mouth.

Its peaceful aura and lush vegetation amongst trickling creeks carried with it…a certain quaintness reserved for those who enjoy an unhurried lifestyle.

Not long after, hushed whispers began to spread the word. It was then the valley came to be known as heart’s delight, in honor of its magnificent natural beauty.

And yet still, another 20 years would pass before the relatively unknown valley could no longer remain the escape of billionaire business magnates.

But then, two momentous events would change the valley forever.

The first, was the construction of the interstate highway system beginning in the 1950’s. Upon its completion, heart’s delight would become pleasantly connected to San Francisco, all the way to the breathtaking Napa Valley, the darling of wine connoisseurs who continue to covet it as “a spot of heaven on earth.”

Then in the 1960’s, came the remarkable technological revolution catalyzed by the invention of the microprocessor. With this, Cupertino Valley was transformed into the select residence of choice for the world’s most powerful technological executives.