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To Help Your Family Maximize It’s Wealth by Investing in Real Estate

What We Do

Fenolio Realty was founded by real estate and tax attorney, and real estate broker, Christopher L. Fenolio. We provide our client’s with comprehensive legal, tax, and real estate brokerage services. Our goal is to protect our client’s interests and maximize their wealth from the start to finish of every real estate transaction. Mr. Fenolio has been involved in the closing of over $1 Billion of real estate transactions. He was formerly a real estate M&A tax consultant at Deloitte Tax, and is currently a partner at one of the country’s preeminent 1031 exchange tax law firms where he has closed over half a billion dollars worth of 1031 exchanges in the past 2 years.

Real Estate Brokerage

Fenolio Realty provides our clients with both real estate brokerage and comprehensive real estate and tax legal advice as part of every transaction.

Our firm has extensive experience with both residential and commercial transactions. We frequently assist our clients with the sale or acquisition of net lease retail investments, multi-family rental properties, office buildings, shopping centers, industrial buildings, and development projects and sites.

Real Estate and Tax Legal Consulting Services

Our founder, Christopher L. Fenolio, is both a broker and a transactional real estate and tax attorney and partner at the nationally recognized real estate and 1031 exchange law firm, Weller Partners, LLP. Mr. Fenolio provides our clients with expert legal advice, watching over every transaction to make sure that our client’s interests are protected and that they minimize their tax bills.

Legal services are provided through Weller Partners LLP, www.wellerpartnersllp.com

1031 Exchange Consulting Services

Mr. Fenolio has closed over half a billion dollars worth of 1031 exchange transactions in the past 2 years. He is an expert in structuring tax strategies to help clients complete 1031 exchanges. His expertise includes structuring the sale of relinquished properties to help co-owners of real estate reinvest proceeds independent of one another, and he oversees the process of acquiring replacement properties for each of his clients to ensure that they comply with the various rules and regulations governing 1031 exchanges. Mr. Fenolio also helps client’s identify and contract to purchase replacement properties within the 45 day 1031 exchange identification period, he assists clients with diligence, monitors the 1031 exchange transaction, and makes sure that the transactions close with the 180 day statutory period to complete an exchange.

Exchange consulting services are provided through www.1031RP.com

Meet Our Founder

Mr. Fenolio is both a real estate broker and a real estate and tax attorney. In addition to founding Fenolio Realty, Mr. Fenolio was formerly a real estate M&A consultant for Deloitte Tax, LLP, and is a partner at nationally recognized 1031 exchange law firm, Weller Partners LLP, where he structures real estate transactions and advises clients on 1031 exchanges.


Christopher L. Fenolio, Esq.

Broker, and Transactional Real Estate and Tax Attorney

Chris Fenolio is a real estate broker and transactional and real estate tax attorney. He is an expert in structuring real estate transactions and 1031 exchanges, and also runs a 1031 exchange consulting practice at www.1031RP.com in cooperation with Weller Partners LLP, where he is also a law partner.  He is a real estate broker, attorney, and former accountant.

Chris has over a decade of experience in real estate law, tax law, and managing real estate investments. He has extensive experience in acquisitions, dispositions, transfers, exchanges, leases, financing, due diligence, developing financial models, drafting and reviewing investment memoranda, managing the closing process, contract negotiation, valuation, and asset management.

Chris previously represented flow through investment partnerships in transactional matters at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Deloitte Tax LLP. He also worked in investment management for one of the top 100 commercial real estate owner operators identifying new investment opportunities and managing realty assets.

Chris has participated in the closing of over half a billion dollars in real estate investments that were part of 1031 exchanges in the past 2 years. He has served as tax counsel, real estate counsel, and as a real estate broker on various transactions. Chris also currently is the asset manager of a large portfolio of retail net lease and shopping center properties.

Chris participates in the Jeremiah Long Memorial National Conference on 1031 Exchanges every year, a conference that Weller Partners LLP and Lou Weller participate in annually, where he is able to further develop his 1031 Exchange legal and technical knowledge outside of his legal practice at Weller Partners LLP.

Chris graduated cum laude with a BS in Accounting from the University of Southern California and subsequently received a scholarship from PricewaterhouseCoopers and graduated cum laude with a Master of Business Taxation degree from the University of Southern California. He attended law school while working at Deloitte, and graduated with a JD and a legal specialization in Environmental, Real Estate, and Land Use Law.

Chris is also a volunteer legal officer for the United States Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol, where he holds the rank of Captain. He is also an advocate for cancer research, and has worked with the NIH to promote pheochromocytoma and genetic cancer related research.

You can reach Chris at 415-484-3538 or cfenolio@fenoliorealty.com

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